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What is Creative Space by Innox?

Creative Space is the ability of creating anything which suits your unique needs, ranging from creating big, revolutionary ideas to creating visual structures for production planning. Creative Space is your own visual collection or structure of ideas and tasks. With our Static Tools you can create your own Creative Space anywhere you want! 

We want you to share your thoughts, open your mind and let it reach out to and interact with others. Because we believe that what makes us humans amazing is our ability to innovate. So we believe in ideas. Because new ideas will help us make the world better when we need it the most. That’s why. Watch the video above for examples.

How to use Creative Space at Office and Home Office to improve efficiency?

We live in a fast paced digital world, bombarded by impressions and messages. This creates stress and makes our already complex brains cramp up. This is why we deliver Static Tools that create room for creativity by adding space while reducing distractions. Room for you to collect and organize your thinking, structure your tasks and collaborate to create bigger and better ideas together – by turning any surface into a canvas for creativity. We are passionate about ideas. Your ideas. All ideas.

Creative Space is a non-digital way of using Innox to visualize and structure your work. Visualization is important as 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and 65% of the population are visual learners. Thus, whether you need to be creative, solve complex problems, develop or design something, by visualizing your work, you will improve your work efficiency at your Office or Home Office.

Creative Space at Office  

Offices around the world are using Innox for their Creative Spaces. These can be visual Kanban, Agile, Lean, Scrum walls, project walls, brainstorming sessions, workshops, training sessions and courses. It is easy to modify your Creative Space by sliding notes, more satisfying to swipe notes by hand than dragging and dropping pixels, and more natural to stand in front of your own space during a meeting. There are lots of digital tools available, but none of them beats collaboration with notes in the same room in simplicity.    

Creative Space at Home Office 

Covid-19 has made remote work become the new normal. Companies like Siemens are already establishing mobile working as a core component of the “new normal” and will make it a permanent standard, both during the pandemic and beyond. Thus, in the future more of us will be working from home. Innox products are designed to help you enjoy working from home. They create extra space, can be placed anywhere without leaving marks and allow you to boost your efficiency, creativity and flexibility. 

Who can benefit from Creative Space?

Despite of the advantages in technology, the digital age has also brought record amount of stress and anxiety. This is why even the Silicon Valley parents are now raising their kids tech free. Everyone should try visualizing their tasks and ideas to see the advantages is boosting up both efficiency and creativity.   

Here are some examples of groups who are making their Creative Spaces with Innox:  

– Programmers

– Product & Project Managers

– Students

– Consultants and Trainers

– Artists

– Video Editors

– Creative Houses

– Writers

– Remote Workers

Why use Innox for your Creative Space?

Innox products are amazing for visualizing your ideas and projects. They stick with static electricity, so no glue is needed. They attach to any surface and can be freely moved and swiped without leaving marks. This makes them more practical, versatile and long-lasting compared to traditional sticky notes. You can write on them with pencils, pens, markers and the backside is dry-erasable. They are also 100 % recyclable. With Innox you can turn any space into your Creative Space! 

Contact Us and Start your own Creative Space today!

Whether you are a reseller, company representative or an individual worker, we have got you covered. InnoTools and its partners ships products already to over 50+ countries. Purchases over 200 EUR we can ship directly from the factory and in other cases we will direct you to the correct partner.