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Static Notes for Kids - Make Learning Fun

Innox Notes are magical electrostatic notes for kids. They cling onto multiple surfaces (metal, brick, wood, glass, cork board, textile, leather, paper and stone) with no glue and you can find for them multiple applications, among which are the educational games for children, who will learn new skills with a smile. Join the magic of Innox Notes and make learning fun.

Static Notes are excellent for children. They are charged with Static Electricity, which means they don’t have glue, so they leave no stains. This makes them easy to use at class or at home as you can easily slide and reposition them. 

Static Notes can be used to create multiple educational games helping kids to enhance their reasoning, memory, logic and attention in multiple ways. 

  • – Kids can learn to spell words.
  • – Children will play to find the differences.
  • – Kids can assimilate new languages.
  • – Children can complete sudokus, solve sums.
  • – They will learn to count, develop series.
  • – Kids can invent their own puzzles
  • They do this all by using their own hands to move and slide the notes, which will also reinforce their psychomotor development (cognitive, emotional, motor, and social skills) while having fun at the same time.
Watch the video above for examples how kids can use Static Notes!

Join the Magic of Innox Notes and Make Learning Fun.                           

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