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Static Print

Static Print Sheets and Static Print Rolls are manufactured by InnoTools especially for print houses and creative houses. Our Static Print products are used for exhibition design, shop design, interior design and marketing materials. 

InnoTools’ Static Print material is a specifically structured electrically charged polypropylene film that is produced in a way which maintains the stability of the electrical charge. The material is coated with porous special coating which absorbs printing ink and is available in rolls (1.067 x 30 meters) and several sheet sizes such as SRA3, 70×100 cm or A4. 

Static Film has no adhesives, it adheres to surfaces with stable electrical charge and it can be printed in offset printers, digital printers, large-scale printers and with multitask office laser printers. The film is adhered to a backing paper so that it is easy to remove.  


  • – Trade marketing, exhibition booths and stands
  • – POP (point-of-purchasing) marketing in supermarkets or pop-up shops
  • – Interior decoration
  • – Static Greeting Cards
  • – Static Posters


  • – Fast to attach and to remove: Create your expo stand in 10 minutes
  • – Easy to use: No need for tape or after-cleaning, anyone can install without being a professional
  • – Easy to bring along: One person can carry all the needed materials in a portable tube
  • – Use many times: Same materials can be used several times in different locations
  • – 100% recyclable: The material does not contain adhesives, so it can be recycled or recovered as energy with zero emissions.


  • – Total thickness 250 micrometers (microns). Film is 50 micrometers and the backing paper 200 micrometers.
  • – Total basis weight (g/m2) is 235. Film weights 45 and the backing paper 190 g/m2.
  • – Roll size is 1.067 x 30 meters, with a core size of 76 mm.  
  • – Sheet sizes can be chosen freely, but the most popular sizes are SRA3, 70×100 cm and A4

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